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Join us at STS Active today! We offer personal training, fitness classes, and youth and athletic training.

STS Active is a functional training facility centered on cross training, performance enhancement and group exercise. Being a functional facility the workouts are geared toward a cross training style workout. Utilizing body weight with apparatus’ provides for a functional and dynamic workout.

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At STS Active, we take a different approach with our training; utilizing the periodization training concept. We begin clients with functional training techniques that address mobility, functional movement, and stabilization strength. This ensures our clients have developed functional strength in supporting joints, a strong core, and have proper range of motion; helping to prevent injury. This foundation is the building block for all individuals looking to maintain overall health and wellness. It’s no different than building a house; you have to start with a solid foundation or all the other development is subject to failure. By utilizing this concept we ensure our clients will progress efficiently and effectively as they grow and develop throughout their life

We also specialize in postural therapy and corrective exercise. Addressing lower back, upper back, hip, knee, and joint pain/discomfort. We provide a program of flexibility and range of motion exercises, specialized to individual clients and their needs helping to realign the body and taking stress off the spine/joints. Check out our testimonial page for referrals and how we can help you with your discomforts.

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We proudly use TRX training equipment to provide you with the very best. Ask about our AdvoCare supplements and the 24-Day Challenge!

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STS Active


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